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Marc1 Moksha/Modo Yoga's Teacher Training not only serves as a well-rounded foundation for aspiring yoga instructors, it also provides a safe, yet challenging, environment in which to learn and grow. Participants leave with an immense amount of knowledge to consider and a greater sense of why they have become an instructor. Marc-Anthony Del Brocco Victoria 2011 - Advanced 2014

upcoming Events

  • Moksha

    A series of postures specifically designed to be practiced in the heat. Moksha classes are intended to open, strengthen and detoxify the entire body. Suitable for all levels.

  • Moksha Flow

    An invigorating and accessible vinyasa style class. Emphasis on the connection between the movements of the body linked to breath, to assist in deepening your practice.

  • Power Flow

    A challenging and alignment based vinyasa style class focused on linking the breath, mind and body. Classes are built with intelligence towards a peak posture or theme. Suitable for students who are comfortable with the Moksha Flow sequence.

  • Yin Yoga

    Yin is both a gentle and challenging practice. Poses are held for 3-5 minutes, stretching deep muscle tissue and fascia. Suitable for all levels.

  • Yin & Tonic

    A special Yin Yoga class. Alongside your teacher, a massage therapist is present to incorporate massage and adjustments that will help deepen your practice.

  • Recharge

    This class is all about balance. The first half of class is an invigorating flow sequence, followed by a Yin style extended floor series to truly and fully recharge your body.

  • Karma Class

    A donation based class. All proceeds support great local and global initiatives. The karma classes are rooted in the Moksha series. $5 suggested donation.

  • Yoga Sculpt

    Strengthen the body to flow with ease. Yoga Sculpt is a series of repetitive motions and flows concentrating on alignment and muscle strengthening to tone the body with resistance bands and gliders and bring added support to your existing yoga practice. Expect full body movement, fun and as usual, a lot of sweat.

  • Tune-up®

    Be free from pain and live better in your body. This Yoga Tune Up® class uses ball rolling self-massage and finely-tuned strength exercises which break human movement into easy digestible steps.

  • Kundalini Glow

    The science and wisdom of Kundalini yoga merges with the benefits of hatha yoga to awaken your greatest potential. Inspired by the methodology of Yogi Bhajan’s system, one is transported into deep meditation through challenging active movements, vigorous breath work, focused concentration, and mantra repetition.

  • Hot Pilates

    Pilates and biometrics to flex and stretch the whole body. With emphasis on core cultivation you will stand poised and strengthen protective abdominal and back muscles.

  • Spirit Flow

    Uplift your practice on and off the mat with an evolving vinyasa flow class that blends together mindfulness themes with music, chanting, pranayama, energetic alignment cues, and spirited meditations. Each week dive into the pillars of Moksha’s yogic philosophy for an inspired life.

  • Hot Booty Ballet

    Refresh your workout by adding some dance and yoga to your sculpting routine with Hot Booty Ballet, an ultimate hybrid workout fusing yoga, cardio dance, and booty sculpting.

  • Restorative

    This form of yoga is intended to calm and restore the nervous system and to relax and renew the body. Postures are supported by blocks, straps, bolsters and props to practice in a state of wakeful relaxation.

  • Community Class

    A reduced-fee Moksha class led by a teacher-in-training.